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We’re an open source project management system for the  “oops, I manage projects” project manager.

Instead of making you fit project management; we’re building project management to fit the way you do project management!

Whether it’s plugins, t-shirts, stickers or a new pirate theme 

— when you buy from us, you’re helping keep our core platform free and keeping us building. 

Cheers! ☕ 

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I have so many questions...

We think we’re funny and when we say we’ve got you covered, we mean it. 👕

But seriously, we’re open source because we believe it matters. When you purchase something, it’s a nod toward keeping the coffee on. 

It depends.

Plugins: Pretty much immediately

Themes: These too

Swag: 2-7 days to ship

To help eliminate waste and over-production, our products are made to order.

Our vendor marketplace is still under construction but we’re getting ready to launch. If you have a plugin or theme you would like to share please reach out at support@leantime.io

Yes, all of the plugins and themes on this site are reviewed and tested before publishing.