Leantime: Priority Support – Emerging Plan

Our priority support plans give you peace of mind that your hosted version of Leantime will run smoothly.

Our support plans are intended to help you manage any hiccups, down time, concerns, or customization challenges as they come up.
Perfect for the company that needs to ensure that their tool is always up and running but doesn’t want or need to hire the full time resources to do so.

The Emerging Support Package includes

Support Channels: Public Discord, Github, Support Portal

Preferential Feature Requests: Yes

Support Entitlement: 1 designated reporter

Support Hours: Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm Eastern Standard Time

Initial Response Times

P0 (Application Down): 8 hours

P1 (Serious Degradation): 12 hours

P2 (Moderate Business Impact): 24 hours

P3 (Low Impact / Inquiry): 48 hours


$2,988.00 / year


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