The custom fields plugin allows you to extend any task with custom fields. Choose between text, select, checkboxes and other field types and set conditional types.

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Revolutionize your project management with Leantime’s Strategy Module, an all-in-one tool for creating and integrating strategic maps, goals, and projects with ease!”

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Embrace the power of simplicity and organization with Leantime’s latest innovation – the Notes Plugin. Inspired by the user-friendly and versatile features of Google Keep, this plugin is designed to enhance your note-taking and idea management within the Leantime ecosystem.

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Introducing Leantime Pomodoro Widget: Track time the Pomodoro way and get more done

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Leantime was built with the vision to make work management tools accessible to everyone. Being open source allows us to distribute Leantime to the entire world.

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Welcome to a new era of visual brainstorming and strategic planning with the Leantime Whiteboards Module. This innovative module enhances your team’s ability to brainstorm, strategize, and visualize ideas, all within a versatile digital workspace.

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