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Unleash Creativity and Strategic Planning with Leantime Whiteboards Module

Welcome to a new era of visual brainstorming and strategic planning with the Leantime Whiteboards Module. This innovative module enhances your team’s ability to brainstorm, strategize, and visualize ideas, all within a versatile digital workspace.

Key Features:

  1. Expansive Digital Canvas: The Whiteboards Module offers a vast digital canvas, perfect for sketching out concepts, organizing thoughts, or mapping processes. This interactive space encourages creativity and helps in turning abstract ideas into concrete visual representations.
  2. Diverse Tools and Elements: With a variety of drawing tools, shapes, texts, and colors, the module allows you to vividly express and develop complex ideas. Create flowcharts, mind maps, and more, with tools designed to support diverse brainstorming needs.
  3. Integration with Leantime Projects: Seamlessly connect your whiteboard creations with your Leantime projects. Attach whiteboards to specific tasks or projects to ensure that your visual ideas are aligned with your project objectives.
  4. Save and Share Capabilities: Easily save your whiteboard sessions for later reference or share them with team members. This feature ensures that the insights and ideas generated during your sessions are preserved and can be accessed anytime.
  5. Controlled Access and Security: Manage access to your whiteboards with ease. Set viewing or editing permissions for team members, maintaining control over your workspace while ensuring a secure and collaborative environment.

Elevate Your Team’s Creative and Strategic Work

The Leantime Whiteboards Module is more than a digital drawing tool; it’s a central point for creativity and strategic visualization. Whether you’re conducting brainstorming sessions, laying out project plans, or hosting creative workshops, this module brings a new dimension to your team’s planning and creative processes.

Now available on the Leantime marketplace, the Whiteboards Module is set to enhance the way you and your team conceptualize and plan. Dive into a world where ideas are visualized, organized, and brought to life with the Leantime Whiteboards Module.

From: $10.00 / month


Latest Version

For Leantime
v3.1.0-beta & up


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